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Re: bug #561324: asking questions in postinst


On Mon, Dec 28, 2009 at 04:40:50PM +0100, Reinier Haasjes wrote:
> I'm trying to solve bug #561324 which uses it's own binary in the config
> script.
> It uses it's own binary to get some information (tunnel id) which uses
> login+password to retrieve, it really needs this to compile a good
> config script (if you have more than 1 tunnel).

Isn't it possible to create a configuration that receives
this information on run?

> My idea on solving this is to move the complete config script to
> postinst and ask all the question there.

Why? Is it really required to have _all_ questions in the postinst?

> I read everywhere that this is not the preferred way to go but I can't
> discover if it is prohibited by the policy.

Uhm? Not that hard. 3.9.1 in the policy says:
"Any necessary prompting should almost always be confined to the config
or postinst script. If it is done in the postinst, it should be
protected with a conditional so that unnecessary prompting doesn't
happen if a package's installation fails and the postinst is called with
abort-upgrade, abort-remove or abort-deconfigure."

Best Regards,

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