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Re: dh_config_model_upgrade: package upgrade with Config::Model

Le jeudi 17 décembre 2009 20:48:50, Neil Williams a écrit :
> DH_NO_ACT still needs debian/rules to be modified or else all debhelper
> routines would be disabled; we need an option that is specific to
> dh_config_model without having to edit debian/rules.
> I think DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS is still useful, whether or not
> dh_config_model outputs the warning is neither here nor there for my
> purposes.

ok. dh_config_model_upgrade will react to both variables.

> The debconf maintainers aren't the cdebconf maintainers; it's not
> unusual for someone else to step up as long as the interface in the
> perl version is suitable for porting to C. So the real issue is that
> config::model tries hard to make an interface that can be implemented
> in another language.

Hmm. The core part of Config::Model could be rewritten in C: I've avoided 
using too many Perl magic.

The fact that the models are currently stored as Perl data structure is not a 
big problem. This was done just as a convenience to parse quickly the models. 

The models could as well be stored as YAML, JSON or XML and used as is in a C 
implementation of Config::Model. The Perl implementation would just have to 
translate JSON or YAML or XML back as Perl data structure to work as usual.

All the best

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