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dh_config_model_upgrade: package upgrade with Config::Model


The last version of libconfig-model-perl (640-3) is now shipped with 
The aim of dh_config_model_upgrade is to provide an easy way for a
debian developer to add better configuration upgrade to the packages
they maintain.

Let's assume that Joe, debian developer, wants to add smooth upgrade
capability to his foobar package.

What will the end user see ?

The end user may have to answer a medium debconf question asking him
whether to upgrade foobar package with Config::Model. Hopefully,
that's all the end user will see.

What does Joe, debian developer, has to do ?

- ensure that a proper configuration model for the application
  contained in foobar exists.
- ensure that foobar.postinst and foobar.config have a #DEBHELPER#
  line (if these files exist)
- ensure that foobar.control has a dependency on ${misc:Depends}
- ensure that call dh_config_model_upgrade during package build. 
  - run "dh --with config_model"
  - directly call dh_config_model_upgrade. See
    dh_config_model_upgrade man page for more details

(Simple instructions for CDBS should be provided. Help is welcome there)

How does this work ?

When called, dh_config_model_upgrade will setup foobar package to ask
whether to upgrade the configuration with Config::Model or not.

This requires to:
- add a dependency on libconfig-model-perl in foobar control file
- add or update foobar.config file so that the question is raised by
  debconf. This file is generated from config-config-model delivered
  by libconfig-model-perl package
- add or update foobar.postinst file so that the configuration is
  upgraded if the user answered yes to the question above This file is
  generated from postinst-config-model delivered by libconfig-model-perl
- last but not least, both foobar.config and foobar.postinst will use
  a template delivered by libconfig-model-perl
  (libconfig-model-perl.templates) to ask the question to user. This
  template contains a ${pkg_name} substitution that will be replaced
  with 'foobar' by foobar.config and foobar.postinst (See SUBST
  debconf command in debconf-devel(7))

All these operations are handled by dh_config_model_upgrade.

For more informations, see http://wiki.debian.org/PackageConfigUpgrade

Config::Model home page is http://config-model.wiki.sourceforge.net/
User mailing list: http://sourceforge.net/mail/?group_id=155650

Comments are most welcome :-)

All the best

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