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Re: Bug#560863: ITP: lamson -- The Python SMTP Server

On Tue, 2009-12-15 at 12:20 +0100, Heiko Schlittermann wrote:
> Sebastian Otaegui <feniix@gmail.com> (Sa 12 Dez 2009 22:26:56 CET):
> > Package: wnpp
> > 
> > * Package name    : lamson

> FYI, from the FAQ of lamson:
> http://lamsonproject.org/docs/faq.html
> -------
>     Debian and CentOS are notorious for being dinosaurs. Both distributions of
>     Linux suffer from the false rationale that older software is more stable and
>     secure. The reality is that the stability or security of a piece of software is
>     not a function of its age, and in many cases the newer versions of software
>     will typically fix many stability and performance problems. 

I often find it amazing how upstream don't seems to have a clue of what
releasing a distribution is all about (i.e integration of components,
testing, documentation, long term support, easy security update during
that period, easy installation...). Organisations and end-users just
want to install an application and then use it (i.e not spending their
time upgrading it, adjusting the configuration, migrating data...).

And we can't really blame them, most of these stuffs aren't their job


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