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Re: Bug#560863: ITP: lamson -- The Python SMTP Server

Heiko Schlittermann wrote:
> FYI, from the FAQ of lamson:
> http://lamsonproject.org/docs/faq.html
> -------
>     Debian and CentOS are notorious for being dinosaurs. Both distributions of
>     Linux suffer from the false rationale that older software is more stable and
>     secure. The reality is that the stability or security of a piece of software is
>     not a function of its age, and in many cases the newer versions of software
>     will typically fix many stability and performance problems. Despite this fact,
>     these two variants of Linux are notorious for back-porting patches from later
>     versions to older versions rather than just using the newer version.

Sounds like one wants to check with the upstream what their plan to handle
security issues is.

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