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dpkg-trigger complains at dpkg-reconfigure time

Dear all,

I have a question for sure stemming from my misunderstanding of triggers.
tex-common ships dh_installtex which makes installation of fonts etc
for TeX system easy, and it is used in quite some packages. We use
triggers (on popolar demand) since the most expensive operation is
the update of the font maps (calling updmap-sys), which is handled
by triggers.

Now in the generated postinst snippets we have some down there
	update-texmf-config updmap
which in turn calls 
	dpkg-trigger texmf-updmap

Now when doing 
	dpkg-reconfigure one-of-the-font-packages
I get
	dpkg-trigger: dpkg-trigger must be called from a maintainer script (or with a --by-package option)

I though well, yes, it is called from a maintainer script (postinst configure)
and the package should be clear. But why does dpkg-trigger complain?

Thanks for any explanation

Norbert Preining            preining@{jaist.ac.jp, logic.at, debian.org}
JAIST, Japan            TU Wien, Austria           Debian TeX Task Force
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