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Re: dh_config_model_upgrade: package upgrade with Config::Model

On Mon, Dec 07, 2009 at 10:57:56PM +0100, Dominique Dumont wrote:
> A model for Config::Model is to a configuration file what a schema is to an 
> XML file: a description of the structure and constraint of the semantic data 
> of the file. 

Fair enough. So, in your terminology, a model is the schema. How do you
call instances? I'll use "instances" in the rest of this mail :-) Now
that that is clear, which kind of migrations of configuration file can
you provide on top of Config::Model.

Given that models contain default values, I believe it would be pretty
easy to provide change of default values, it would be enough to change
them in m_{i+1}, right?

Still, my recurring question has left unanswered, I swear this is the
last time I pose it. Does Config::Model permit to *programmatically*
apply more complex modification at upgrade time? Let's say I want to, at
the same time during an upgrade:

- change a default value from "yes" to "no"
- add 1 to a given set of integer values wrt what the user configured by
  hand (e.g. because there was an off-by-one sort of semantics in past
  upstream configuration, which has been changed now)

The second case is a bit more tricky, because you can easily fix default
values, but you really want to fix also user-customized values.

To achieve that, Config::Model would need to provide me (as the package
maintainer) the ability to write a small perl snippet where I've access
to the currently installed configuration file (which conforms to the old
version of the model, let's say m_i), where I can migrate it to the new
version of the model (let's say m_{i+1}), and also manipulate it as a
tree to change the values I want.

This of course is just an example, my general question was whether I can
only migrate from m_i to m_{i+1} or also pipe in between some custom
programmed logics.


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