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Re: Has Debian abandoned Python?

Steve Langasek wrote:
> The question of whether someone is doing an adequate job of maintaining a
> package is a legitimate one.  The identity of their employer is immaterial
> to an objective examination of this question.

I think this argument only makes sense if the distribution they are
working on for their employer is so unlike Debian that it is not
possible to draw parallels from one to the other.

If someone's day job is to package python 3.0 for Fedora, and they
managed to do it 2 years ago, and have not gotten it into Debian yet
despite maintaining the package here too, I doubt anyone would think the
less of them. Fedora is so unlike Debian that the work could easily be
non-transferrable, and many things could block a change in one
distribution that is simply accomplished in the other.

Many still seem to think that Ubuntu is sufficiently close to Debian
that work done in it should be easily transferrable. If this is not the
case, maybe we need to start treating Ubuntu more like we do Fedora.

see shy jo

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