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Re: nexuiz-data does not fit on a single CD

On Sun, Nov 22, 2009 at 10:38:29AM +0000, Philip Hands
> That way, not only can the game and first levels be on the
> CDs, with the bulk of the levels either being tacked on to
> later CDs (or simply left off), but if someone wants to
> have a look at the game to see if they like it, they don't
> have to waste time/bandwidth in order to discover that
> it's not for them.

That sounds like a good argument for packaging "demo"
versions of games, but I'm not sure that breaking up
complete games into separate packages is a good idea.
It's a bit like breaking up a commercial game into 
episodic content and charging at the boundaries ("to
play this quest, please buy expansion pack zeta!"),
except I doubt our games would cope with the missing
resources in a good manner (most likely, crash when
a required resource is missing).

Jon Dowland

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