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Re: xulrunner, poppler, gnome and gupnp transitions

Michal Čihař <nijel@debian.org> (16/11/2009):
> Hi


> "Adam D. Barratt" <adam@adam-barratt.org.uk> napsal(a):
> > #556178 was filed against geoclue this morning, but has already
> > been marked as wontfix and closed.  The suggestion was to modify
> > gammu to build without libusb support on !linux, but there doesn't
> > appear to be any open request to do that.
> Just uploaded Gammu with this fix. I'd be great if somebody would
> notice me about this problem directly, it would not have to wait
> till I get to read mails on mailing lists...

given there are several hundreds (when not thousands) of FTBFSes on
non-Linux ports, you might guess it's hard to check the situation for
each and every package, to send patches or to mark as Linux specific
accordingly. And even if some cases are actually trivial, that takes a
lot of time, which is why many packages are simply marked as Failed
with a “Needs porting” message, while others are simply Maybe-Failed:
because the buildd maintainer hasn't had a chance to check what was
going on.

(That holds for packages in BD-Uninstallable state too. The list and
the graphs are check from time to time. But again, best effort.)


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