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Re: Iceweasel and Firefox compatibility

On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 11:28 PM, Raphael Geissert <geissert@debian.org> wrote:

> I can't think of a better way to stop this ridiculous UA mess. It has to
> stop, this silliness has lasted too many years already.

A better way would bring on the User-Agent flag day, where all the
browser vendors turn off submitting user agents on a specific day (say
2010-10-10). As for how to achieve that, some ideas:

Get the IETF HTTP-WG to look at deprecating User-Agent:


It appears that there is an ongoing effort to revise HTTP/1.1, it
would be nice to take advantage of this and get User-Agent removed
from or deprecated in the revision of HTTP/1.1.

Propose a User-Agent flag day on the WHATWG implementors list:


I'm not involved in the IETF or WHATWG, but I hope someone reading
this thread can do something about this.



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