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Re: Submitting bugs for manpage improvements

On Fri, Oct 30, 2009 at 12:33:37AM +0100, Frank Lin PIAT wrote:
> Since the proof of concept was fairly well accepted, I intend to polish
> my script a little bit before submitting it.

Pretty cool, thanks for the status update. BTW, do we have a bug report
where the progress of this can be tracked? If you like the target
package, I suggest to submit a wishlist bug report against devscripts
and keep that bug log posted with updates. (Yes, I'm generally paranoid
about forgetting good stuff :-)

> * I like Simon's patch/idea to handle I18n, and I would like to improve
>   it a bit further.
> * Also the script needs to handle dpkg's alternatives.
> * Last but not least, the script shouldn't discard the diff when
>   somehting fails or reportbug isn't configured.

By the way, does the current script allows (via reportbug) to post a
manpage patch to an already existing bug report? That would be a pretty
nice feature to have.


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