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Submitting bugs for manpage improvements

Hi all,

I have written a small script to make it easy to submit manpage
improvements (it's attached).
I believe that it much more effective to submit a patch, rather than
explaining what needs to be improved. The tool works like quilt, dpatch
& co. One would just invoke:

  $man-reportbug chfn

The script simply invoke man to dump the manpage as plain text, then open
it in the user's prefered text editor.
After editing the text, report-bug is automatically launched against the
appropriate package, and a diff of the manpage is attached.
(By mistake, I have submitted http://bugs.debian.org/551681, so you can
have a look:-/ )

There is one issue: most of the bugs will have to be forwarded upstream.
(I suppose that in a perfect world, each upstream would have a vcs which
could be used to pull/commit pages...)

I would get your opinions on how to make this useful/convenient.



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