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Re: Something like Pre-Depends for Suggests

Le lundi 19 octobre 2009 à 16:37 +0200, Michal Čihař a écrit : 
> I think this problem is common to more packages, but I hit this at
> phpMyAdmin. The problem is that it Suggests mysql-server because it can
> also work with remote server. In the same time it uses dbconfig-common
> to configure the database. However dbconfig-common fails for obvious
> reasons when the server is not yet configured (and running). If it would
> be strict dependency, Pre-Depends would solve the issue, but there is
> not something like "I can use this package, but it has to be configured
> prior to installation".

Pre-Depends would certainly not solve the issue. Actually, a simple
Depends would be enough, since the server would be started by
mysql-server.postinst, always executed before phpmyadmin.postinst.

Furthermore, it is a common mistake to believe that Pre-Depends can make
a package available at debconf time; IT WILL NOT be available at that
time. Only essential packages can be used from .config scripts.

A possible solution to this kind of issue is to create a package
available-mysql-server, which Depends: mysql-server |
dummy-mysql-server. The dummy-mysql-server could simply drop a note
indicating that you need to configure the remote server. Not very simple
for the user, I’m afraid, but more reliable.

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