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Re: Bug#550031: ITP: libjs-extjs -- a cross-browser JavaScript library

Le Fri, Oct 09, 2009 at 12:20:51AM -0000, Thomas Goirand a écrit :
> > Thomas,
> >
> > It's not my position to get into Debian's debate. I can confirm for you
> > that Ext JS can absolutely be licensed under GPL v3 without qualification.
> > If there is commentary that can be read counter to that, then that is not a
> > good read of what we are saying. From a legal standpoint, Ext JS can be
> > licensed under GPL v3, or alternatively under a Commercial License from Ext
> > JS.  We put no conditions on the GPL v3 use, other than those of GPL v3
> > itself.
> >
> > ~ Adam
> Nobody is asking for debate, but if you were to write yourself "We put no
> conditions on the GPL v3 use, other than those of GPL v3 itself." ends any
> starting debate indeed, but then what you have write on your website is
> kind of confusing (at least to some of us).
> Now, I wonder what other people from Debian will say after this declaration.

I think that the position, as well as the website, are crystal clear.

The ‘Quick Overview’ is not a license by itself, it simply tries to summarise
in two lines what copyleft means, and is not an additional restriction to the

debian-devel@l.d.o is a good place to hear some advices, but the only persons
who veto packages in Debian are our archive administrators, an none of them has
objected against libjs-extjs. In my opinion, just go ahead and it will be fine :)

Have a nice day,

Charles Plessy
Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Japan

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