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Re: Is it time to remove sun-java6?

On Thu, Oct 08, 2009 at 09:03:25PM +0000, brian m. carlson wrote:
> > I might look a naive user here, but with openjdk I still don't have
> > plugin support in firefox 3.5, whereas it was working with
> This is a bug, and it has already been filed.  The maintainer has fixed
> it in the Ubuntu version, and therefore it should be fixed in Debian
> shortly.  If the bug still isn't fixed by the time Iceweasel 3.5 hits
> unstable, I'll upgrade it to grave.


> > users should be informed on how to migrate away from sun java6 (even
> > because it would be a de facto switch from non-free software to free
> > software, even if it is the same).  Do we currently have a smooth
> > migration path from the old set of packages to the new set in place
> > for Lenny to Squeeze migrations?
> Uh, icedtea6-plugin is present and installable; that would be the
> replacement for sun-java6-plugin.  It doesn't work in non-Gecko
> browsers, but I don't think sun-java6-plugin did either.

I think I failed to explain my point. I trust your word in saying that
icedtea is feature complete (beside bugs) wrt sun-java6-plugin. But, It
took me a while (as an old user of sun-java6-plugin) to understand what
I should install to replace the old package; I presume most current
Lenny users will face the same problem when switching to Squeeze.

Also considering that the latter is non-free software whereas icedtea is
free software, I think we should have an automatic upgrade path from
sun-java6-plugin to icedtea. That upgrade path should automatically
bring icedtea to our Lenny users when they upgrade to Squeeze.

Also, this change warrants a line in the release notes, IMHO.


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