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Re: Is it time to remove sun-java6?

On Thu, Oct 08, 2009 at 03:08:59PM -0400, Barry deFreese wrote:
> Well that brings up part of my question.  I doubt we have a smooth
> migration since sun-java6 doesn't even have a maintainer.  Even Sun
> is End Of Lifing sun-java6 soonish ( at least the potential is there
> that it could get EOL'd during Squeezes lifecycle).  Not to mention
> it currently has 34 open security issues (granted, I have not
> verified all of the ones showing up on PTS).

Don't worry, I'm not arguing that we should keep sun-java6 :-) I'm all
in favor of switching to openjdk.

Still, the fact that sun-java6 is not maintained is not an argument for
not offering a smooth upgrade. For instance, openjdk can take over the
-plugin binary package formerly offered by sun-java6 and have it depends
on icedtea (possibly in OR with the other -plugin implementation using
gcj, pretty please as the second alternative :-).

If there is an active maintainer of sun-java6 (which I doubt, from your
report) that should be done in agreement with her, otherwise just take
over the binary and be done with that.  Please also submit the change
notice to the forthcoming release notes.


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