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Re: Copyright infringement on www.rossbeazley.co.uk — Overreacting?

Ben Hutchings dijo [Mon, Sep 28, 2009 at 04:14:45AM -0700]:
> The "blog" at <http://www.rossbeazley.co.uk>, which is hosted in your IP
> space, is a copy of Planet Debian <http://planet.debian.org>, apparently
> intended to gain keyword advertising revenue.
> (…)
> Since there are no contact details for the site, I have no way of
> directly demanding the site owner to cease this copyright infringement.
> Therefore, please either pass on this demand or suspend hosting of
> www.rossbeazley.co.uk until it is no longer infringing.

[ Ross Beazley's Cc: dropped ]

I won't contact him. In my case, although all of the content I blog is
redisitrbutable/reusable; my website says:

    All the material found at this site is freely available, and you
    can use it as you wish, except when the document mentions
    explicitly different conditions. 

Now... I am surprised this is seen so harshly. This is not the first
site I see that syndicates Planet Debian. What I can understand is
that Beazley originally provided his own content (August and earlier
posts); he has no ads running on his site I could see (they might be
blocked on my browser FWIW) and does not seem to be claiming
authorship for any of our posts. Yes, he does commit the sin of not
directing to the original entries for comments, but to me it looks
more as a guy playing with his WordPress-based aggregator than anybody
with ill intent.

So, even though the complains _are_ formally right, I would rather not
come down with a harsh message at someone who is not really hurting
any of us except for failing to provide a link back. Even the place's
name is clearly personal!


Gunnar Wolf • gwolf@gwolf.org • (+52-55)5623-0154 / 1451-2244

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