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Re: udev and /usr

On Thu, Sep 03, 2009 at 12:53:10PM +0200, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> ]] Florian Lohoff 

> | I have ~600 Machines in the field - all with /usr on a seperate fs - If Debian
> | is going to make seperate /usr a no-go its about 300000 Euros worth
> | of field Engineer time - swapping disks.

> I'm fairly sure I can sell you a small shell script that you can install
> in the initramfs on those boxes which will do the mount before init is
> started, for say, 10k€?  I'll even make it as a Debian package.

That's not the point.  /usr as a separate partition is a use case that's
guaranteed by the FHS, and it's the responsibility of Debian maintainers to
ensure that their packages behave correctly in this scenario.

(Setting aside the question of whether the bug here is a udev bug - there
/may/ be a strong architectural reason why udev needs to be the package
providing this interface, in which case we must, grudgingly, move the ids
files to the root filesystem; either way, the result is that we have a
serious bug in one of these packages now.)

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