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Manually providing popcon data (Was: Future of the s390 port)

On Thu, Sep 03, 2009 at 11:32:14AM +0200, Martin Grimm wrote:
> So as long as there is no easy manual way to provide anonymized figures
> without installing software on our production servers we can't deliver
> such data :-( and yes, I know there are many reasons why a manual upload
> form would be a bad idea regarding accuracy and actuality.

What about a popcon-offline package or configuration option of plain
popcon which just generates the content of the mail that is sended to
popcon.debian.org and leave it to the admin to send it manually.  You
would be able to verify the content of the file before sending to make
sure there is no information inside you want to be submitted.  I guess
no admin would like to do this manual work on a daily basis, but sending
such a mail say once per month would probably worth the effort to make
sure that the used packages / archs will be continuosely supported in
the future.

I have no idea whether this is useful in the end but it sounds like a
reasonable compromise to me.

We might also consider a way to scp such a popcon datafile to a host
which is able to send mails and let it be sended from there.  This might
be helpful on machines with no means to send mails.

Kind regards


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