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Re: Debian P2P Team

Simon Richter ha scritto:

> I also have found that for team-maintained packages, I felt less and less
> responsible for packages after receiving mails that told me that they had
> "fixed" some deliberate choice I made. The same people hell-bent on having
> every package team-maintained will not stand idly by if a stanza for a
> shared library package is commented out because the ABI is unstable.

I agree with you here.

> Teams make sense if most of the packages in the group follow the same
> structure, for example perl packages, and maintainers are essentially
> exchangeable because one does not need to understand how the software in
> question actually works. 

yeah, unfortunately p2p-related packages are written in several
different languages from C to python so it would be pretty hard for
maintainers to change their way of working cause too many differences
between their packages and the ones they would have to work on as a *team*.

Actually, I agree with your view about this and I think leaving
everything as it is, should be the best choice for everyone.

Thanks for the fast responses and for your suggestions,


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