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Debian P2P Team


since some time I'm wondering why there is *not* a Debian-p2p team
active already. We have several p2p-related packages in the archive and
it looks like they are maintained individually and not by a specific
team. Therefore I would like to add some questions about this:

1. Why no one had the idea to make such a team yet?
2. is this the right case to set up a new team that will take care of
every p2p-related package?
3. and if yes, someone willing to help developing / creating a new team
like the other ones active on the Debian Project already? (like the
Python Team, or the Gnome Team or ...)

Of course, the first thing we should focus on is creating a good
collaboration between all maintainers, that should agree moving their
work to a team-like way.

Let me know if you have any thoughts about this.


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