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Re: New SCMs on Alioth, and a call for (one-off) help

Roland Mas, 2009-08-24 14:15:18 +0200 :

>   For reference, the Darcs plugin is complete (thanks to Sylvain Le
> Gall), so it should be usable as a base.  The Git plugin is mostly
> complete, and should only be missing the parts about the repository
> browser and the code to map email address to login names (thanks to
> Mehdi Dogguy).  I think CVS is complete.  SVN lacks the repository
> browser.  Not sure about Mercurial, but Arch is currently empty (I
> didn't even remember how to create a repository).

  Blargh, forgot to mention Bazaar: the missing parts are the gathering
of statistics and the browser.

Roland Mas

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