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New SCMs on Alioth, and a call for (one-off) help

Hi all,

As you all know and hate, the various source control management systems
that are set up on Alioth were mostly managed by hand.  The reason was
that FusionForge (and SourceForge and GForge before that) didn't have any
integration for anything but CVS and Subversion.

  This recently changed (see [1] for a few details), and I have a
FusionForge branch (based on 4.8) with plugins for Arch, Bazaar, Darcs,
Git and Mercurial, in various states of completeness.  That branch has
now been merged into what's installed on Alioth.  People registering a
new project now have a choice for all these SCMs (or none at all, if
they so choose).  (As an aside, existing projects can now define tags
and be displayed in a tag cloud visible on the front page.)

  As I said, the plugins are in various states of completeness.  CVS is
complete, but Arch is barely started, since I only recently realised
that there were actually people using it (hello, pkg-gnustep ;-).  The
good news is that the missing parts shouldn't be hard to do, especially
for regular users.  I factored what could be factored, and now only some
of the specifics have to be implemented.  And that probably just means
cut-n-pasting from another plugin and replacing what needs to be

  I am therefore looking for, yes, volunteers to complete that effort.
If you're familiar with your tool, it shouldn't take long, and it'll
help other users of Alioth (as well as your friendly Alioth admins).
I'd be grateful for any help.  The Bazaar branches are currently at [1]
and [2], the former having only the SCM changes compared to upstream,
the latter having the rest of the Alioth patches too.  If you think you
can help, please "bzr checkout $url" and poke in gforge/plugins/scm* :-)



[1] http://bzr.debian.org/anonscm/bzr/users/lolando/fusionforge/patches/scmrefactor-4.8
[2] http://bzr.debian.org/anonscm/bzr/users/lolando/fusionforge/alioth-4.8
Roland Mas

Time is a drug.  Too much of it kills you.
  -- in Small Gods (Terry Pratchett)

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