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Re: New SCMs on Alioth, and a call for (one-off) help

  Hi again,

It has been brought to my attention that the URLs for the FusionForge
branches I mentioned in my previous email were broken.  Here are the
correct ones:

  Also, a brief explanation about how the new plugins work (or should
work) should be useful.  An SCM plugin for FusionForge basically does a
few things:

- creates a repository when a new project is created;
- gathers rough statistics on commits over time;
- displays instructions on how to access the repository (for anonymous
  read-only access and for read/write access for project members);
- displays a link to (or an iframe containing) a repository browser;
- configures the repository browser with the list of known repos;
- configures Apache so that browser is accessible at the chosen URL;
- generates tarballs of the complete repositories, as well as snapshots
  of the current HEAD/trunk/master/main branch.

  Most of these actions (not the Apache configuration) are implemented
as class methods in the plugin
(gforge/plugins/scmfoo/common/FooPlugin.class).  Since all the plugins
are derived from the same class, they have the same API, and completing
one plugin can be a simple matter of copying the missing bits from
another plugin and rewriting the specifics.

  For reference, the Darcs plugin is complete (thanks to Sylvain Le
Gall), so it should be usable as a base.  The Git plugin is mostly
complete, and should only be missing the parts about the repository
browser and the code to map email address to login names (thanks to
Mehdi Dogguy).  I think CVS is complete.  SVN lacks the repository
browser.  Not sure about Mercurial, but Arch is currently empty (I
didn't even remember how to create a repository).

Roland Mas

Neko-no me-to, onna-gokoro-to, aki-no-sora. -- Proverbe japonais
(« Souvent femme varie, bien fol est qui s'y fie. »)

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