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Re: Registry for cache directories (to save backup space)

On Sat, Aug 22, 2009 at 10:23 PM, Thomas Koch<thomas@koch.ro> wrote:

> while watching rsnapshot doing a backup of my laptop, I thought: Wouldn't it
> be fine, to have a registry of cache directories that shouldn't be backed up?
> So a debian package could register all the places, where it puts caches and a
> system administrator could use this registry to speed up backups and save
> bandwidth and storage.

Debian is the wrong place to do that, the FreeDesktop group and
upstreams is the best place to do that.

Looks like there was discussion about this as far back as 2004:


Probably just fixing all apps to use the XDG Base Directory spec and
not backing up ~/.cache is enough though:




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