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Bug#543118: ITP: python-cloudfiles -- Python interface to Rackspace CloudFiles service

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Michael Shuler <michael@pbandjelly.org>

  Package name    : python-cloudfiles
  Version         : 1.4.0
  Upstream Author : Cloud Files <cloudfiles@rackspacecloud.com>
  URL             : http://github.com/rackspace/python-cloudfiles/
  License         : MIT
  Programming Lang: Python
  Description     : Python interface to Rackspace Cloud Files service

python-cloudfiles provides a simple interface to the Rackspace Cloud Files
service. "Cloud Files is reliable, scalable and affordable web-based
storage for backing up and archiving all your static content". Find out
more at <http://www.rackspacecloud.com/cloud_hosting_products/files>.

To use this module you will need to sign up to Rackspace Cloud Files and
provide a "user" and "key". If you use this module, you will incurr costs
as specified by Rackspace. Please check the costs. If you use this module
with your user and key you will be responsible for these costs.

(This module will be maintained under the Debian Python Modules Team)

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