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Re: Automatic Debug Packages


        All right. Having been educated about the new build-id
 mechanism, I think there is not reason for policy to prohibit either
 approach, or to settle on one or the other.

        To recap:
 1) packages with detached debugging symbols should be named
    ${package name}-${debug suffix}. As a corollary, no ordinary
    packages names may end in  ${debug suffix}.
 2) These packages may just symlink
    /usr/share/doc/${package name}-${debug suffix} to
    /usr/share/doc/${package name}
    (and of course, depend on ${package name}
 3) The detached debugging symbols should be placed in a subdirectory of
    /usr/lib/debug, the exact path being determined by the mechanism
    used (either build ids or debug links can and may be used)
 4) Otherwise, these packages are normal debian packages

        The  ${debug suffix} nay be ddeb,  or something else to be


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