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Re: Automatic Debug Packages

On Mon, Aug 10 2009, Roger Leigh wrote:

> Could we not just use a "-ddbg" suffix for "detached debug" information,
> perhaps with a new archive section to match?  This will not conflict
> with existing practice for -dbg, so could go into Policy without
> violating any prexisting namespace conventions.
> Reading through this thread, I don't see a compelling reason for using
> a .ddeb extension given that they are just regular .debs, nor for
> keeping the packages separate from the main archive (if the size of the
> Packages file is an issue, can't they just go in a separate debug
> section/component?)

        I would support this.

        I would also add that the debug symbols should live in
 "/usr/lib/debug/" . /full/path/to/lib_or_binary, blessing the current

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