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Re: What to do with (packages like) Blender?

Hola martin f krafft!

El 03/08/2009 a las 10:48 escribiste:
> Without doubt, upstream should be the place where cross-distro
> integration happens. However, if upstream is not interested, then
> the idea of vcs-pkg is to have a repo used by all distros, which is
> suitable for everyone. It doesn't matter where this repo will be
> hosted, but I think in the long run, vcs-pkg.org or maybe
> distrodev.org should have storage for those. vcs-pkg.org is on
> alioth, but non-Debian people might not like being -guests.

distrodev.org seems to have died sometime around 2007, do you know if there is
any "replacement" for this?

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