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Re: What to do with (packages like) Blender?

also sprach Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> [2009.08.02.2130 +0200]:
> Before going deeper into it, I have to say I've been trying to
> resist the urge of going public with it, and coping with my duties
> as much as I could. But it's just too much now. Members of the
> French Cabal (which of course doesn't exist) can tell you how I've
> been made *angry* about the current state of that piece of “free
> software”.

As I understand it, upstream is uncooperative, and others have
already hinted at distributions@freedesktop, which I second. Someone
has also mentioned vcs-pkg, which is why I'd like to take the
opportunity to clarify its goal:

Without doubt, upstream should be the place where cross-distro
integration happens. However, if upstream is not interested, then
the idea of vcs-pkg is to have a repo used by all distros, which is
suitable for everyone. It doesn't matter where this repo will be
hosted, but I think in the long run, vcs-pkg.org or maybe
distrodev.org should have storage for those. vcs-pkg.org is on
alioth, but non-Debian people might not like being -guests.

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