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Re: Status of new source formats project

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote:
> Charles Plessy wrote:
>> I see that .bzip2 and .lzma are also supported compression methods for the 3.0
>> (native) format as well as for the binary packages. But I do not think it would
>> be useful to add zip to this list. It seems to me that the only thing needed is
>> the capacity to unpack the original upstream sources. In that case there would
>> not be a need for a Lenny support, isn't it?
> You need it to be supported in stable before using it in unstable. So at best,
> you would need to implement it in Squeeze and wait for Squeeze+1 to use it.

This requirement is here to ensure smooth upgrade (stable -> testing (or new stable)
with dpkg from stable). So it stand for .bzip2 and .lzma support in *binary* packages.

Charles is talking about *sources* packages.
Some packages in testing already require other packages from testing to build
themselves (ie build-depends nor present in stable). This is catch by debbuild for

Unpacking a source package is not needed during an upgrade. However, it occurs before
a build.

So, I understand the question of Charles as "do we want that stable dpkg be able to
unpack all packages from testing ?". I have no strong opinion for this.


> Cheers,
> Emilio

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