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Re: Status of new source formats project

Vincent Danjean wrote:
Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote:
Charles Plessy wrote:
I see that .bzip2 and .lzma are also supported compression methods for the 3.0
(native) format as well as for the binary packages. But I do not think it would
be useful to add zip to this list. It seems to me that the only thing needed is
the capacity to unpack the original upstream sources. In that case there would
not be a need for a Lenny support, isn't it?
You need it to be supported in stable before using it in unstable. So at best,
you would need to implement it in Squeeze and wait for Squeeze+1 to use it.

This requirement is here to ensure smooth upgrade (stable -> testing (or new stable)
with dpkg from stable). So it stand for .bzip2 and .lzma support in *binary* packages.

Charles is talking about *sources* packages.
Some packages in testing already require other packages from testing to build
themselves (ie build-depends nor present in stable). This is catch by debbuild for

Unpacking a source package is not needed during an upgrade. However, it occurs before
a build.

So, I understand the question of Charles as "do we want that stable dpkg be able to
unpack all packages from testing ?". I have no strong opinion for this.

In stable servers I use sometime the sources of unstable/testing and I backport them.
So I would like to have package compatibility "actual stable" to "actual unstable".

I do this things only on small packages, so I don't want to upgrade/backport dpkg.

Anyway such things are not a common usage which should be supported, so I can
live also with a breaking source package compatibility.


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