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Re: Debian GNU/Linux 6.0 "Squeeze" release goals

Paul Wise wrote:
> I seem to remember that some arch:all packages can only be built on
> some architectures due to being firmware for specific CPUs or similar.
> Will there be a Build-Arch field or a way to override discarding
> uploaded .debs?

An option to override the discard would also be useful for Debian 
Installer's kernel udebs.

This is not a real package build, but rather a repackaging of a regular 
linux-image package. The D-I team uses a special script for that which 
allows this to be done for all architectures on any architecture, and has 
some other advantages as well.

In this case a rebuild of the package on the buildds would offer zero 
added value and could in certain situations limit the flexibility of the 
D-I team to do uploads of kernel udebs.

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