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Re: merge sensible-browser in xdg-open AKA how to select the "best" browser

On Sun Aug 02 09:26, Sandro Tosi wrote:
> > All I ask for is that you understand that you are about the change the
> > relavant semantics of something security relevant, and act accordingly.
> What? all I'm trying to do is say "hey man, if you need to open a url,
> do it with x-o as you've done with x-b".

I think that most of these issues could be fixed with the addition of an
xdg-browser, which only opens a web browser and nothing else. More
integration between desktop environments and other parts of the system
is always a good idea, so I'd encourage some integration between the
two, whether it's replacing s-b with xdg-something or having s-b call
xdg-something in a non-recursive fashion.

> - you say x-o is dangerous but then you say it's not that a problem
> (no bug report, for example)

It's not a bug per-se, it's just that the security model between the two
is different, and that's fine. However, to directly use x-o in the place
of s-b would be to change the security model under the hood. This is bad
because you get a disconnect between what people _expect_ can happen and
what can _actually_ happen. Hence why I like the xdg-browser suggestion,
which keeps the same semantics.


Matthew Johnson

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