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Re: ia32-libs depends on ia32-apt-get ?

Goswin von Brederlow wrote:

> There where 3 options:
> 1) ia32-libs + ia32-libs-gtk (+ ia32-libs-kde + ia32-libs-qt)
> ftp-master asked us to clean that up basically and
> "it would not pass NEW if it where uploaded now"
> 2) ia32-lib* packages in the same schema as ia32-libs
> vetoed by ftp-master for being way to many packages as ugly as
> ia32-libs
> 3) ia32-apt-get
> So strike option 1 and 2 and what are you left with?

Isn't it possible to have a system similar to apt-build?

One would do "ia32-apt-convert ia32-libfoo" that would convert libfoo 32bits 
package and its dependencies, put it in a local repository. Then the user 
could install ia32-libfoo with apt-get, aptitude, whatever.


PS: Of course, there would be a ia32-apt-update to update all the ia32-* 

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