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Re: deprecating /usr as a standalone filesystem?

Peter Samuelson <peter@p12n.org> writes:

> Also, this procedure would be much more reliable if we said, in
> Policy, that maintainer scripts are not allowed to fail if /usr is not
> writable. (mount -o ro, SELinux, chattr +i, NFS root_squash,
> whatever.)
> Would you support that policy? I suspect ldconfig would have to be
> patched in some way.

I certainly wouldn't. The maintainer scripts need to be able to do
whatever they need to do in order to get the package set up on the
system. That certainly includes changing things in ‘/usr’, which
requires that filesystem to be writable during package management.

Those who want a read-only ‘/usr’ don't seriously try to leave it
read-only while installing or upgrading packages, do they?

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