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Re: deprecating /usr as a standalone filesystem?

> Well, some people argued for that.  Like you, I'm wondering how one
> actually does this in practice!  However there are some rather more
> reasonable uses which have been mentioned:
> - read-only /usr (for security)
> - backups
> - recovery (ability to mount root only; important if there's fs corruption)
> - on-line resizing
> - using LVM and/or RAID
>   (Note: With modern Debian initramfs it is quite possible to have
>    / on LVM [on RAID] since so long as /boot lives outside the
>    initramfs can bring up RAID and initialise LVM to mount the
>    rootfs.  The system I'm physically typing this on has such a
>    setup.)
I keep a /usr because I suspect it gives more performance. unlike the rest of the disk, one doesn't read and write it all the time, so fragmentation should be less if it is kept separate. one can also use a filesystem type more suitable for this behaviour (reiserfs is probably not optimal)


Johan Henriksson
MSc Engineering
PhD student, Karolinska Institutet
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