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Re: Consistent formating long descriptions as input data (Was: RFC: Better formatting for long descriptions)

ti, 2009-04-21 kello 10:37 +0200, Vincent Danjean kirjoitti:
>   As shown before in the other thread, markdown does not work with
> the current long description : it needs pre-processing to add some
> blank lines before each list.

That's true. Because the Packages and debian/control files are in
pseudo-RFC822 format, it needs to "escape" the long description a bit.
Otherwise an empty line between paragraphs in the description would
separate records in the Packages file, for example.

The two things that need to be done to un-escape are these: remove the
leading single space, and remove lines consisting of a single period.
This is really, really simple to do.

After that is done, the long description can be fed to something that
understands the markdown language. One such tool is the markdown command
line tool or library, but anything that interprets markdown-the-language
is fine.

(This really, really shouldn't need all the discussion it's had

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