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Re: RFC: Better formatting for long descriptions

Andreas Tille wrote:
> But what exactly do I have to do to get the item lists marked?

Remove the first space, remove the '.' that are alone on their line,
add a blank line before enumeration (this last point seems the more
annoying to me: it can be difficult to automatically find where to
insert a blank line).

> grep-available -s Description -F Package airport-utils | markdown

grep-aptavail -s Description -F Package airport-utils | sed -e 's/^ \(.$\)\?//' -e '/: *$/a\\
' | markdown
<p>Description: configuration and management utilities for Apple AirPort base stations
This package contains various utilities to manage the Apple AirPort base

<p>Be aware that Apple released several versions of the AirPort base station;
the original AirPort ("Graphite") was a rebranded Lucent RG-1000 base
station, doing 802.11a/b. The AirPort Extreme ("Snow") is an Apple-built
802.11a/b/g base station.</p>

<p>For the original Apple AirPort and the Lucent RG-1000 base stations only:</p>

<li>airport-config: base station configurator</li>
<li>airport-linkmon: wireless link monitor, gives information on the wireless
link quality between the base station and the associated hosts</li>

<p>For the Apple AirPort Extreme base stations only:</p>

<li>airport2-config: base station configurator</li>
<li>airport2-portinspector: port maps monitor</li>
<li>airport2-ipinspector: WAN interface monitoring utility</li>

<p>For all:</p>

<li>airport-modem: modem control utility, displays modem state, starts/stops
modem connections, displays the approximate connection time (Extreme only)
<li>airport-hostmon: wireless hosts monitor, lists wireless hosts connected
to the base station (see airport2-portinspector for the Snow)</li>


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