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Wanna-Build Status update: new sbuild/buildd software

Hi there,

there are some news from the autobuilding front that may be of your interest:

State of the software packages used on the buildds

For those who wonder where the UTF-8'ed build logs come from that appeared
on buildd.debian.org since about December last year: some buildds have
switched to use the package builder sbuild from the archive.

This is part of the plan to unify those buildds to use one common set
of software, instead of every buildd admin using the one sbuild/buildd
combination he inherited from someone.  sbuild, buildd and wanna-build
were originally shipped together but only sbuild was under ongoing
maintainance in the archive.  Now, due to our need to update buildd
fairly frequently for Lenny, the pair we currently use is available
on [0], not in the main archive.

Currently those buildds are constantly updated to the new version:
goetz, goedel (both alpha), lafayette (hppa), puccini (i386), brahms
(i386), malo (powerpc) and praetorius (powerpc).

We look to expand this soon but sadly due to the many changes to
sbuild over the years the tools the buildd admins use to sign logs
will break with the new version.

New buildds

Thanks to Arthur Loiret and Thibaut VARENE we got a new hppa buildd
up and running.  It's hosted at ESIEE Paris and serves as an additional
unstable and security autobuilder.

Thanks to Mattias Wadenstein (maswan) and the Academic Computer Club
at Umeå University, Sweden we also finally got a 64-bit capable
autobuilder for PowerPC.  This was a precondition (together with 64-bit
support on the i386 autobuilders) to enable those parts of the gcc
and glibc testsuites which test 64-bit support within normally 32-bit
userspace.  But it also serves as a fairly quick unstable builder.

Of course a kudos also to our sysadmins who have been quicker in
setting them up than we could possibly deploy our software on them.
Also they donated brahms as a KVM domain to use.

New buildd maintainer

Last but not least we welcome Arthur Loiret who will help us to keep
the alpha buildds well and humming.

Old bits

I would like to communicate again the current addresses for wanna-build-
related requests as already sent to -project by Adeodato Simó[1]:

| Regarding requests for give-backs, etc., this is the new state of
| things:
|    * Packages-arch-specific: still bug against ‘buildd.debian.org’
|    * Bin-NMUs: still debian-release@lists.debian.org
|    * Chroot problems, package priority issues: still <arch>@buildd.debian.org
|    * Give-backs and dep-waits: debian-wb-team@lists.debian.org
|      (including requests for experimental, but please mark them as such)

Kind regards,
Philipp Kern

[0] https://buildd.debian.org/apt/
[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2009/03/msg00096.html
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: :' :  http://philkern.de                         Stable Release Manager
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