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Re: This topic died off; any resolution?

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> writes:
>> Well, for complicated cases (like ffmpeg, where we have to fight with
>> svn:externals, external svn servers etc) it is very helpful to have such
>> a rule. Espc. if some user objects with some of the modifications and
>> needs to apply changes to it in order to get a slightly modified
>> package.
>         If you are talking about cases where there is no upstream
>  tarball, and just SVN (or some other VCS), and these cannot be handled
>  by uscan, then I agree, it would be nice to standardize the calling
>  interface.

Yes, I'm talking about excatly this kind of upstream.

>> I think this is a valid usecase for shipping a debian/rules target
>> that mimics 'apt-get source' (which cannot know what modifications
>> have been done to the source).
>         Well, apt-get source gets you the orig.tar.gz, and the diff.gz,
>  that lets you know exactly what modifications were made to the upstream
>  snapshot, so I guess I am not understanding what you are saying here.
>  a) Upstream does tarballs --- use uscan, perhaps with a munging script
>  b) No upstream tarball ---    use a new target, or equivalently, a new
>                                script to do the job.

Oh, I've been using debian/get-orig-source.sh so far (which is called by
the rule 'get-orig-source' in debian/rules). If the script should have
another name, feel free to propose one.

>         My slight preference is a script with a well known name, since
>  that script can then be extracted and used by DEHS/PTS like systems,
>  without requireing that the whole source be unpoacked and
>  ./debian/rules be runnable (I have sanity checks in my debian/rules)

I think you have a very good point: Until now we have a single target
("get-orig-source") for both semantics. How about proposing names for
two new (optional) scripts with better defined semantics? Ideally one of
the two is very similar (if not exactly) to the current get-orig-source
rule in debian/rules, so that the rule can be replaced to a call of that
script. Ideally it can just call uscan with a proper munging script.

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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