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Re: grouping of alternative depends


On Sonntag, 29. März 2009, Adeodato Simó wrote:
> Hm? Your original mail said you wanted:
>     Depends: (pdns-backend-ldap + pdns-recursor) | bind9
> How does installing bind9 plus pdns-backend-ldap not satisfy the above?

Sure it does satisfy the depends, but installing pdns-backup-ldap is not 
needed in that case, thus I consider this buggy.

> Is it relevant whether pdns-backend-ldap is installed or not once bind9
> has been installed?

Actually our use-case is to have pdns installed on new installations and bind9 
not be removed on upgrades...

	Holger, who just skimmed over the dpkg bugs and was horrified by such gems as 
#1555 [w|  |  ] [dselect] dselect per-screen-half focus request 
#4448 [w|  |=] [dselect] [PERF] dselect performance gripe (disk method doing 
dpkg -iGROEB) 
#4989 [w|  |  ] [dselect] dselect conflict resolution screen should 
mention "replaces" 
#6019 [w|  |  ] [dselect] repeated identical conflicts messages 
#6486 [w|  |  ] [dselect] should have a Tk version, mention multiple available 
versions etc

Does dselect still have valid uses cases? Closing all dselect related bugs 
would make going through src:dpkg bugs much easier ;-)

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