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Re: RFC: Better formatting for long descriptions

Quoting Michael Banck (mbanck@debian.org):

> > Please note that debian-l10n-english suggests using the enumeration
> > style you mention for a2ps, when we're reviewing package
> > descriptions...
> What's the rationale?  So far, I was under the impression that "  * "

A not very strong one, I'm afraid..:-)

IIRC, we once found some reference indicating a tendency for dashed
enumerations to be an accepted "standard" but I can't quote this.

Another reason is the fact that we're using this in French
translations....which is a bad reason..:-)

Another is that we had to choose something and, based on purely
personal impressions, we were thinking that dashed enumerations were
the majority (nobody really verified).

I think that we never really went into this to be the only proposed
change. Most of the time, there are several other
changes...particularly when enumerations are involved because, in such

- they're often too long (enumerating each and every feature of the
- they have formatting issues (punctuation, often)
- they have consistency issues (mixing verb sentences and noun
  sentences for instance)

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