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Re: Transition of initscripts to new order / sequence number

[Jan Wagner]
> while thinking about how to solve #508189, where I need to change
> the position of the initscript in bootorder, I thought it would not
> sufficient to change only the call of dh_installinit in the rules
> file.

This is the kind of issues the dependency based boot sequencing is
ment to solve.  It generate the boot ordering based on dependencies
specified in each init.d script.  See
<URL:http://wiki.debian.org/LSBInitScripts/DependencyBasedBoot> for
more info on this effort.

> If an user changed the symlinks, I guess I will break his
> changes. How should we handle this? Is there any best practise
> and/or policy how we should deal with it? I think it's not usefull
> just to override the changes by the local sysadmin.

At the moment, the only option that work with both sysv-rc and file-rc
is to remove all symlinks and reinstall them.  This is not a very good
option, but given the limitation of the update-rc.d API, it is the
only one that work.

Kel Modderman has been working on extending the update-rc.d API to
allow for more fine grained adjustment of init.d symlinks, and I hope
it will be available for the next stable release.  Until then, no good
and portable option exist.  Please see the posts linked from
for more information about the proposed API.

I know some package maintainers handle this by ignoring the existence
of file-rc and just removing symlinks directly in /etc/rcX.d/.  As
long as file-rc exist and is supposed in Debian, I believe it is a bad
idea. :(

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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