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Re: Sponsorship requirements and copyright files

Le Friday 20 March 2009 15:54:14 Noah Slater, vous avez écrit :
> Not sure what else you expect someone to respond with apart from throwing
> their hands up and conceding that we should adopt policy to conform with
> peoples wish to avoid additional work.

You know, if you get some agressive answers to your messages, it is because 
you are throwing a moral judgement on the people that do not follow your 

I strongly agree with them, I feel upset by this judgement. I do not consider 
myself as better than any other packager and I did mistakes when going 
through copyright and license check. And thank the ftpmaster for spotting 
some of them.

You shouldn't insinuate such claims but try to understand why they think it is 
not reasonable. 

And it is not reasonable since all of this is about trust. If there were no 
trust between us, we wouldn't upload packages to a common pool nor release an 
OS. If there were no trust between us and our users, they would download and 
check themselves each and every package's sources for copyright and license 

What those people are telling you is that they proceed the same way with their 
upstream, and assume it is a serious statement from them when they claim for 
license and copyright.

So, really, nothing about wanting to avoid additional work... Or else, you 
checked youself for source availability and license compliance of each and 
every free software you installed in your machine... Did you ?


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