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Re: group nvram

Bernd Zeimetz <bernd@bzed.de> wrote:


>> Yes, SCSI scanners still exist, and they're still used through
>> /dev/sgX. Actually, all high-volume, high-speed scanners are
>> SCSI. Some have a USB interface too, but it's slower.
> I also know some fancy damn expensive scanners with firewire, but I doubt
> they're supported in sane - unfortunately.

True. There's not been a lot of interest for the FireWire
scanners. Though I do believe those scanners actually do SCSI over
FireWire, but never checked that out. That'd be the most sensible
thing to do. That can be verified pretty easily, if the scanner uses
SCSI commands (or encapsulation) on its USB interface, you can bet the
FireWire interface just does SCSI.

I wish I had time to try that out when I had access to an A3 Epson
scanner with USB & FireWire.


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