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Re: DEP-4: The TDeb specification.

On Tue, Mar 17 2009, Neil Williams wrote:

>>  Do you prevent mixing old and new .debs and .tdebs?
> Changes to translations use +t1.diff.gz etc.
>>  How do you merge data from a new package into the tdeb data?
> The real question is how to get apt to understand getting the
> +t1.diff.gz when asked for apt-get source and for dpkg to expect to
> unpack +t1.diff.gz etc.

        Also, currently one may put up a new version of a package into
 experimental or people.debian.org; and it carries with it the older
 translations. If the translations are separated, then the people.d.o
 package will be useful only for testing by the speakers of the original
 langiage the debconf templates were written in.  This seems like a step

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