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Re: DEP-4: The TDeb specification.

On Wed, 18 Mar 2009 00:22:19 +0100
Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org> wrote:

> > Current HTML form: http://people.debian.org/~codehelp/tdeb/
>  So do I understand correctly that there might be one .tdeb per package
>  and per language unless maintainers merge regularly the contents into
>  their source packages?  How many .tdebs files does that imply in the
>  main archive?

No, updates to translations will update the existing TDeb, creating
+t2.diff.gz and +t3.diff.gz etc. All supported languages go into the
existing TDeb, organised by locale root.

Unless a package needs more than one TDeb for the debconf+large_docs
corner case, each source package should only expect to have one TDeb
for all binary packages and all locales.

Translation teams can work together to make uploads in a coordinated
manner - similar to the current method of requesting deadlines for i18n
bugs, a nominated person can collate the various translations prior to
a deadline chosen by the teams themselves, according to the needs of
that particular package.

Updated TDebs use the +t1, +t2 version suffix etc.


>  It seems to me fetching multiple .tdeb for perhaps every .deb to update
>  has the potential to slow down an update by a huge factor, not only in
>  size of the tdeb index but for the amount of roundtrips.

Generally, there will be only one TDeb.

>  Do you prevent mixing old and new .debs and .tdebs?

Changes to translations use +t1.diff.gz etc.

>  How do you merge data from a new package into the tdeb data?

The real question is how to get apt to understand getting the
+t1.diff.gz when asked for apt-get source and for dpkg to expect to
unpack +t1.diff.gz etc.


Neil Williams

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