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Re: Packaging a library when upstream does not build a .so

Il giorno mar, 17/03/2009 alle 10.17 +0000, Enrico Zini ha scritto:
> Hello,
> I would like to get to the point of uploading #519184.  However I have
> one issue on which I'm unsure: the library API and ABI would be stable
> enough, but upstream is not building or supporting shared libraries yet.
> Last time I asked, he had some libtool problem in some obscure
> architecture and no time to investigate on it.
> Here are the possible options that I could think of:
>  1. Patch the package to build a shared library; I already have the
>     patch prepared and working.  What version should I pass to libtool?
>     0:0:0 is quite obvious, and hopefully when upstream will get to
>     shared libraries he will pick a higher one, but what if upstream
>     will break API or ABI once or several times before starting to
>     support shared libraries?  This is unlikely, but it cannot be
>     assumed to be impossible.

Use library versions, i.e., libfoo-1.2.3.so. Then, until upstream choose
an appropriate soname, every new release will "break" the API and
require a new Debian package but it is better than being forced to reuse
a soname (o worse, use a different soname than upstream) later. IMHO. 

>  2. Package a -dev only package compiled with -fPIC, so that .so
>     language bindings can still link to it



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